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Buster Keaton's "The General"on the Mazan Movie Club podcast

Rick Ramos is back! It's to discuss what he says is the greatest silent movie of them all. "The General" from 1926. Buster Keaton's personal favorite of his own films too. Host Steve Mazan and Rick discuss it all. 

Should we start getting used to people on their phones in theaters?

As a movie lover do we owe it to the younger generation to introduce them to the classics?

How in the hell did Buster Keaton make this movie 90 years ago?

What's it got to do with Jackie Chan?

Did Buster break his neck on this film and not know it?

Why is he a Confederate soldier?

All these questions and more get answered on this week's Mazan Movie Club podcast. 

Listen HERE or on the Podcasts Page OR on iTunes

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