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"Very funny... Great job!"

            -David Letterman

“You were terrific. You had us all in stitches. It was a wonderful event. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks.”

-Bob McDonald,

CEO Procter & Gamble

"Actively involved the audience and didn’t miss a beat on what they liked. Without fail he delivered a stellar show that brought the audience to tears and clearly showed why he is one of the funniest comedians around!"

-The Sacramento Bee

“Awesome! Everyone laughed non-stop through Steve’s hour-long routine… He totally tailored his show for our group.We are an international organization…over half the audience were citizens of foreign countries. Steve’s humor is so broad and universal that everyone, regardless of background, was thoroughly amused by his jokes and impressions… The highlight of the show was a monologue he developed especially for us, telling a story while incorporating the names of all our products into his tale. It was clean, clever, funny, and fresh.”

–Alison Martin, PGITI Co-Chair


-Denise McGowan, Director of Entertainment & Special Events,

Navy Pier, Chicago

“He made an uptight crowd loosen up and laugh. Steve’s act is perfect for any company event where some tact and cleanliness is necessary… Our members are already requesting him for other events.”

–Renee Smith

YMCA Director of Events

“Very likeable… you feel like you know him…you know you are watching a real seasoned professional and he will take you on a fun ride. His Comedy is very funny, clean, and universal.

–Stephanie Blum, Temple Beth Fundraising Event Coordinator

"At once hilarious and inspiring! Hands-down one of the best speakers we have ever had!"

-Cynthia Villalobos, Events Coordinator


“You were amazing last night. I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. I was repeating your jokes (trying to) all day. I look forward to continuing our conversation about next event. Thanks, Lady Falone!”

-Wendy Lund, CEO GCI Health

I've worked with hundreds of comics and he is easily one of the best writers out there. Always personalizing his act to make the show something special. 

-Rich Davis, CEO Davis Entertainment Group/Comics On Duty

Still in awe of the 'Comedy for Cancer' benefit event you performed at and hosted on Saturday night. Always hysterical, Steve. Thanks for a great performance... See you next year!

- Bob Wahmann,  Executive Director Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network

"I cannot believe I literally almost fell out of my chair! That would've been so embarrassing! This guy was HILARIOUS”

-Julie Khanna, Fan Fundraising Event

Extraordinary warmth, empathy and humor. Thank you so much!

-Eve Dryer

Sr. Director Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

We love your voice and the layers of your story, which one of our team members aptly described as “Bucket List” meets "The Last Lecture. " You are so relatable, inspiring and funny; it’s no wonder you are selling out and winning so many awards!

-Michele Matrisciani, HCI Publishing

"One of the best holiday parties we've had. Definitely the funniest... and thank you for writing so many ASICS/Shoe Business jokes!"

-Anna Maria, Coordinator ASICS

"One of the funniest comedians around. Steve Mazan not only delivered a stellar show, he brought the room to tears of uncontrollable laughter… His clean show was perfect for any crowd… I would hire Steve a thousand times over, and I will in the future”

-Trish Lynn Jackson, President Women In Business Conference, 

"The humor, competence and running gags you brought to hosting our three day event kept it fresh and made it the success it was."

-RE/MAX Real Estate Conference 

"I hope you know the laughs you are providing out here are not only bringing these men and  women a taste of home, but also probably saving lives."

-Air Force Chaplain 

"You've inspired me to figure out what it is that I'm 'dying to do.' Thank you. You were hilarious too! My only complaint is that it wasn't longer."

-Audience member Los Angeles Cancer  NET Conference


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