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Fortune 500 Companies, Start-ups and Small Businesses have all used Steve to entertain their employees and clients. They even have him host their events and conferences.


Steve's clean, clever material mixed with a friendly demeanor is the perfect recipe to lighten up any corporate event. His  two decades of comedy and improvisation have honed his wit and ability to think on his feet, a skill that brings laughter and smiles to corporate events across the world. Known as one of the best writers and clean comedians in the business, Steve used that skill to perform on the Letterman show and  write for Ellen Degeneres' daytime show, where he won an Emmy. He brings that same skill of writing & performing clean, inoffensive material that appeals to all to his corporate events. 


Whether it be a customized comedy show for a company, hosting an awards evening or a week-long conference, Steve leaves the audience smiling and the people who hired him looking good.  Check out these reviews and watch Steve in action.

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