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If you're an event coordinator trying to book a Keynote Speaker as well as some entertainment for a conference, why not consider killing two birds with one stone? Steve Mazan has the motivational stories as well as the stand-up comedy to both inspire AND entertain your audience. 

Let Steve kick off your event with a dose of motivation and light-heartedness that will start things off on a bright note. Then at lunch or in the evening Steve will come back and provide clean and side-splitting laughs to wrap things up and have everyone leaving with a smile. 

Rather than book two different people--a keynote speaker and some type of entertainment-- why not let an Emmy-Winning Comedian and multiple TED Talk speaker inspire and entertain everyone? Uplifting AND humorous.  The perfect bookend for your event.

Take a peek below to see Steve combine his motivational storytelling in an original, moving and humorous way. 



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