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Another great personalized Corporate Comedy Show

One of the great things about doing corporate comedy shows is personalizing them for each company. This past week I hosted and performed at a sales awards show for a pharmaceutical company in Houston, TX. In working with the executives and the event planner we came up with the fun idea of structuring the evening in a Late Night Talk Show format... with monologue, a comedy bit, guest couches and all!

The ideashook things up from the typical awards ceremony and really gave each winner a chance to shine. Serving as host I interviewed each winner and department head. The result was a lot of laughter and a chance to get to know the winners beyond just their names and accomplishments.

Comedy is always a great opportunity to make an event special, and there are so many ways to utilize it. I feel very lucky to get the chance to work with so many companies that think outside the box. Corporate Comedy and hiring a Corporate Comedian can mean so many things and possibilities. Excited to be part of these events.

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— Bob McDOnald, CEO Procter & Gamble

“You were terrific. You had us all in stitches. It was a wonderful event. We look forward to seeing you again soon..”


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