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Armed Forces Heroes Awards in D.C. (Corporate Hosting)

Thanks to the Eagle Force Foundation for having me as a performer, announcer and host at their recent Awards Dinner in Washington D..C. It was a fantastic night with some incredible stories and speakers.

The Eagle Force Foundation helps families of wounded servicemen & service women travel to be with those injured. You can imagine how valuable this help is. Not being alone as you're recovering makes all the difference. And that's exactly what this group and the people they honored that night do. Amazing humans.

We shared some laughs (and maybe some tears) as the stories were told. Great Keynote Address speech from Admiral James Starvis who made it a point to tell me his battleship beat my former Submarine (the USS Scranton) out for a major award one year.

We even raised a bunch of money for the foundation! Look forward to coming back and helping this amazing group raise more money and help more Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and their families in the future.

Performing at the Eagle Force Foundation Awards Dinner & Fundraiser

Empty room. Rehearsing and Primping.

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