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Great Fundraiser for Whitetail Ranch Gala

Onstage at the Whitetail Ranch Center Gala
Sharing Laughs & Raising Money

What an honor to perform at the Whitetail Ranch Center Gala recently. We shared a lot of laughs and raised a lot of money for a great cause. And I mean GREAT!

As a Veteran myself I really appreciate the fantastic work they're doing. Whitetail Ranch Center is going to be a place where Veterans suffering from PTSD can go to receive rehabilitation and training while living on a real working ranch on beautiful Montana. Just what these Men & Women need and deserve.

Corporate Comedy at it's Best
Comedy always a great option for a Fundraiser

To cap off the successful fundraising auction and comedy show, the founders shared that they had received official word that the location for the ranch was approved! Groundbreaking starts soon and they expect to be ready to receive Veterans in early 2020! So excited to be there for that news.

Corporate Comedy Fundraising
Laughter to wrap up a great night

I'm lucky to do a lot of Corporate Comedy and Hosting. But it's even more special on nights like this where I know that the brave women & men who have served our country will benefit from the event I'm part of. I wish I could Bob-Hope it, and spend all my time making those people laugh and their lives a little easier.

Thankfully there are fantastic people like those at Whitetail Ranch Center doing great work like this.

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