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Hair and Humor with "Kingpin" on the MMC Podcast

The Farrelly Brothers come to the club with Bill Murray and Bowling in tow. "Kingpin" from '96 gets discussed with Actress Megan Rose and Radio Personality (and competitive bowler) Nick Bonsanto. Interviewed by Host & Corporate Comedian Steve Mazan plus Co-Host Denise.

Should this have been called "Hairpin"?

Was the tone right?

Is this the Farrelly's best?

What other movies are referenced in here?

Does Murray ape a scene from "Stripes"?

What does Walter Payton have to do with it?

All these questions and more get answered on this week's Mazan Movie Club podcast.

Listen Here:

"Kingpin" on IMDb

Home of the Mazan Movie Club

Steve Mazan on Instagram

Home of Corporate Comedian Steve Mazan

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