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Keeping the corporate comedy muscles fresh and the cobwebs off during Covi-19

Well it's not a big Corporate Comedy show in a beautiful ball room or convention center. And it wasn't for a Fortune 500 Company. But this weekend I was able to keep my comedy muscles loose by doing a show on ZOOM.

In two decades of comedy I've done almost every kind of show possible. From TV sets at the Ed Sullivan Theater to the back of a camo Hum-Vee in Afghanistan. I've performed in a living room for a big fan's birthday and even crashed a poetry open mic at a coffee house to test a new joke. But this was my first online ZOOM show.

Everyone seems to be learning ZOOM during the quarantine, and Flapper's Comedy Club in Burbank has been doing online shows with paying audiences. It worked surprisingly well.I could hear all those tuned in a could see a bunch on my screen. We all laughed together... apart.

I luckily had a red curtain my Interior Decorator wife, Denise, set-up to make it look like a real comedy club. The image above is the view through my camera. It's a testament to stand-up and the human spirit that laughter always finds a way to be heard and shared.

We can all use a laugh right now. It's going to keep us sane and help us make the other side of this new pool we're swimming in. So like many others I'm learning to do my job in a whole new way--even if just to stay in laughing shape. It might not be a perfectly lit, well mic'ed show in front of an excited corporate audience... but it'll do for now.

Stay healthy everyone. And find the laughs.

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