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Still going. Covid Comedy continues...

It's easy to say we couldn't have guessed this is how life would be in 2020. But we couldn't even have guessed this is how life would be in March! Covid. Coronavirus. Quarantine. It's still going.

Luckily, Comedy is still going too. And Corporate Comedy. Sure it's on Zoom or some other platform I never heard of six months ago. But it still counts. It still counts as a career. It still counts as an art. And on a deeper level it still counts because people are laughing. The world turned upside down this year and nothing is normal. Thankfully we still value comedy for ourselves, our employees, co-workers, staff and friends. Losing our ability and opportunity to laugh on top of all this would have been an extra tragedy in a year full of it.

Yes, it's not the same. Yes, Im wondering what it will be like on the other side of it all. But I'm proud we've found a way to keep laughing. And that companies of all sizes have still found a way to put some entertainment into their meetings, virtual conferences and budgets.

Here's to more laughs.... however they come.

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