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Thank You, Cleveland! (especially Universal Windows Direct)

Cleveland has a special place in my heart. For many reasons, one of which is that it reminds me of growing up in Chicago. They are very similar cities: Midwest, working class, sports fanatics and perched along a Great Lake. I always love visiting.

I was lucky enough this week to be invited back to perform some corporate comedy & speak to Universal Windows Direct's New Dealers as they all gathered at the new HQ. Besides dispensing some laughs amidst their week of meetings I also shared some inspiration and motivation. And as is always the case, after my portion of the day so many people came up to not only thank me, but to share their own inspirational stories. So I get inspired right back. Win-Win.

The best part of this Corporate Comedy show for Universal Windows Direct was getting to see their new headquarters. Last time I worked with them (3yrs ago?) they were busting at the seams of their offices. Now they've got a brand spanking new state-of-the-art facility that I predict they'll probably be bursting out of again soon. The place is as impressive as their management and employees.

Highlight for me was that even though I was asked to come in and perform for their new Dealers, about 10 minutes into the show the back of the room filled up with employees who snuck out of their offices to join in on the laughter. Always a great sign.

Thank you Cleveland and UWD! Hope to be back soon.

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