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Thanks Pechanga! Casino & Corporate Comedy shows

What a weekend! Despite the growing worries over the Covid-19 Coronavirus the crowds at the Pechanga Casino and Resort were fantastic this weekend. I headlined the shows at the casino's comedy club Thursday thru Sunday with a couple other fun comics.

In addition to the six shows at the club, I did a corporate comedy performance for a local business in Temecula. Nice to be able to flex both my corporate comic and club muscles in the same weekend.

The crowds at a business/office event and a gambling/drinking establishment couldn't be more different. So it was great to put all the skills I've learned over two decades in the comedy business to work. Best of all everyone at both places left laughing and satisfied. Lots of new fans and friends.

With all the virus worry going on it's nice to help people forget their troubles for an hour or so. Laughter is such a great release of all that tension. Thankfully all that hand-washing doesn't stop the spread of laughter.

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