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Comedy for Cancer (well, not for...)

Excited to be performing tomorrow for a group I've worked with numerous times over the last decade: Net Cancer Awareness.

This group, whose mascot is the zebra because it's a disease that's often misdiagnosed, has been doing great work over the last decade. They provide so much information and access to people with neuroendocrine tumors. There was a hole out there in those ares and Net Cancer Awareness has filled it.

Getting to share some laughs with their members and organizers is as much fun for me, as they tell me it is for them. The organizers Maryann and Bob Wahmann have become friends over the years and it's great to see them and the rest of the group each time. Of course this performance like all corporate comedy shows these days will be done virtually. I'd love it to be in person, but we are all making concessions during this time.

In the same way that the organizers are making it work, so will I. The laughter must go on. Especially now. I'm lucky there is still a way to do it.

We will share laughs virtually tomorrow.... and hugs sometime soon I hope.


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